Oct 23 – 25, 2018 | New York City

Ed Doran

CoFounder Cortana, Director Program Management, MSR Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft

Ed started out as a scientist, trained as a researcher, and now works on AI incubations within Microsoft Research AI.  Prior to MSR AI, Ed was a co-founder of Cortana, lead product planning, and lead targeted AI innovation and ecosystem incubations (e.g. new ambient and intelligent experiences, devices, and services).  Prior to Microsoft, Ed lead Insight Strategy teams for Yahoo!, helping build new products and better businesses across search, browse, rich media, and e-commerce.  And even before that, he lead market research, user research, business intelligence, and management consulting teams focused on making the organization smarter and better (e.g., new product design, pricing, and distribution strategy, brand, and marketing).  Finally, he holds a Ph.D. and a deep love of coffee.

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