Oct 23 – 25, 2018 | New York City

Crystale Lapham

VP of Digital Commerce, T-Mobile

As VP of Digital Commerce for T-Mobile, Crystale Lapham is responsible for all things digital. She and her team sit at the intersection of the company and our customers by focusing on bringing our products to life through a set of experiences that delight our customers.

Prior to joining T-Mobile, Crystale worked at Liberty Mutual Insurance for 16 years, where she became immersed in various roles throughout the systems development, technology, finance, distribution, tech, and ecommerce organizations. During her last 18 months at Liberty Mutual is when she really fell in love with digital transformation, leading her to her new role at T-Mobile. Crystale graduated with a Bachelor of Science from University of New Hampshire, and received her Master’s degree in both Business Administration and Management and Organizational Leadership.

As an east coast native, you can find Crystale, her husband, and her sixteen-month-old daughter taking advantage of all the pacific northwest has to offer during her free time. She finds her time hiking, practicing yoga, and meditation are the only times where she can quiet her mind.

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